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Christian Caregiver Conference and Resources

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With over 56 million caregivers nationwide, the goal is make SomeOne Cares accessible for caregivers and those who support caregivers. Church members and caregivers alike rarely have extra money or time to travel far to attend conferences no matter how important. We are currently looking for churches, retreat centers or organizations to host SomeOne Cares conferences in various locations around the country.

If your church or organization has a heart to reach caregivers, you might want to consider hosting SomeOne Cares please download the hosting requirements. We are not limited to church buildings and there is a degree of flexibility depending upon your facility. Hotels, convention centers, retreats and other large facilities are all possibilities.

Within your church and community baby boomers, seniors, and others are need caregiving support. To learn more about SomeOne Cares hosting requirements download the hosting document.

Click here for the hosting requirements.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. -Helen Keller
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