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SomeOne Cares 2007
Ridgecrest, North Carolina

Worship"Our church is starting a care ministry and we were affirmed in what we are doing; we were able to share and learn new ideas from others. It had the feel of a large support group with fellowship and sharing love and ideas."
— Suzanne C. Toth  

"I came as an empty vessel and I’m leaving as an overflowing vessel of hope to see God’s mercies new daily. SomeOne Cares was like an injection of fresh hope and encouragement. You refreshed my faith and refueled my spirit. Now I know I am not alone which helps me cope!"
Annetta Dellinger

Worship"I am mad enough to do something so others have info and a connection that I never had. God is in this. I want to help in His name. I want to serve others. I feel so strongly in this calling!"
 — Sherian Oakley

"We received a lot of information and many resources which will be so helpful in our endeavors to initiate a caregivers’ ministry. " — Bobbie Hobby     

"It was very encouraging, informational, and inspirational! Amazing opportunity for respite, God’s comfort and connecting with other caregivers and those with a heart to minister to caregivers. [I liked] learning and talking with the people from all over the country!" — Sheryl Cook  

"It allowed me to heal my innermost grief and led me to a new ministry. The spirit of people here: warm, open, loving, wise, great speakers." Elizabeth  

The speakers and musical guests were more than I expected.  

"Well, I know I’m not alone, and caregivers are special and I am normal and Christ will supply all my needs. In all honesty, I can’t pinpoint any one thing standing out more than others. It’s all good. My mind at this time can’t comprehend [the conference] being able to get any better. It is great and very much needed." — Lequita Lynn Tyler

Table Topics"It was made clear that what I’m doing in my church is important/needed. I received validation on what I’m doing and suggestions on ways to improve the Lord’s and my ministry to the bereaved in my congregation. It was like attending a giant support group session! Thanks for helping me continue to mature as a Christian on my journey home." — Marilyn Britton

"It has helped me to focus on the here and now and to put my focus on Christ to guide me and help me through my struggles. It is not through my strength but Christ’s strength. I have been needing answers to questions about future preparation but did not know where to go—the materials are what I needed." —Mary Ann Trentham  

"Our church is planning to start a care ministry. I feel we received abundant information and ideas we can use." — Pat Michael

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much -Helen Keller
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