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SomeOne Cares featured two life-changing conferences in one great weekend. Thursday and Friday focused on helping church staff and lay leaders Beth Vaughan-Wrobellearn to create and maintain a caregiver ministry in their churches and communities. Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon was for caregivers caring for terminally, critically, chronically, and mentally ill or developmentally disabled.

Our time together featured over 40 concurrent workshops, inspiring general sessions, daily praise and worship, and a free Friday night concert by the Dove award winning artist, Scott Krippayne.


Breakout sessions for the two groups included the following topics.


A Casserole Does Not A Ministry Make: Setting Up a Caregiver Ministry

A Caregiver Symposium for Church, Staff, and Lay Leaders

  • Creating Health and Caregiving Ministries for Churches

  • Palliative Care: Bringing Hope, Comfort and Love to Life’s Final ChapterWorkshops
  • Don't Say That! Words You Should Never Say to a Caregiver in Crisis

  • Navigating the Troubled Waters of Caregivers and Care Receivers in our Congregations

  • Building and Maintaining a Care Team for Congregations

  • 21 Ways to Take Care of Yourself with Purpose and Passion While Ministering to Others

  • Shelter From the Storm: Reaching out to the Local Community During a Crisis

  • Caregivers: Responding to the Silent Calls for Help

  • Training Church Members How to be Volunteer Caregivers

  • Learn How to Help “Kids in Crisis”

  • Building and Maintaining a Care Team for Congregations

  • Risky Business: Ethical Concerns, Confidentiality, and Risk Management for Volunteer Counselors

  • How to Help Caregivers Avoid a Financial Disaster

  • 10 Myths of Grief Ministry

  • A Look at the Caregiving Phenomenon: Understanding New Opportunities for Ministries to Seniors and Boomers.

  • Laughing Through the Tears: Dealing with Caregiver Fatigue

  • The Fork in the Road

  • Music: It’s Not Just for Worship Anymore

Learning to Ask, Thankful to Receive: A Conference for Christian Caregivers

How to Shamelessly Get What You Need When No One Seems to Care

  • When Someone You Love Has Alzheimer’s

  • Hiring a Caregiver for In-Home Care of Your Loved One

  • Regret-Free Caregiving. Looking to the Future, What Will You Wish You Had Done?

  • Making Nursing Home Visits an Enjoyable Experience

  • Never Enough Time: Caregiving and the Multitasking Monster

  • A Caregiver’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

  • Sexuality & Spirituality: The Hidden Taboo’s

  • Writing to Heal

  • Runaway Caregiver, Runaway Community: What to Do When Friends, Family and Church Avoid and Neglect You

  • Anticipatory Grief: Creating Triumph Out of Loss and Suffering

  • Help! I’m Left Holding the Bag! When You’re Abandoned in Caring for Your Loved One

  • 8 Sure Ways to Caregiver BurnoutTable Topics
  • Choosing to Forgive: Prevention of Elder Abuse

  • Anticipatory Grief: Creating Triumph Out of Loss and Suffering (Part 2)

  • Don’t Forget the Kids!

  • The Financial Side of Caregiving: How to Take Care of Your Finances While Caring for Another

  • “Softening the Pain”: Will it Always Hurt this Much?

  • Addressing Special Behavioral Problems of a Loved One with Dementia


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much -Helen Keller
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