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Scott Kripaynne

Scott Krippayne is an amazingly gifted singer, songwriter, and pianist whose career has been built on the heart cry of his compositions and his ability to touch that deep place of longing in all of us. With songs like Sometimes He Calms the Storm, What Breaks Your Heart, No More Pretending, The Best is Best to Come, and Every Single Tear he has demonstrated a willingness to be vulnerable that opens the listener up to the love, grace, and compassion of God.

While Scott has had many #1 songs, both as a writer and an artist, has toured with Point of Grace, and won many writing awards, it is sincerity in leading worship that endears him to audiences all over the U.S.

Scott is a regular contributor to Music for the Soul singing on pieces like Twenty –Three, More Beautiful (for breast cancer survivors), Chaos of the Heart (for those grieving a suicide), and Whole in the Sight of God (for those loving a child with special needs). His ability to inhabit a song and convey a sense of understanding is profound.

Scott is a father of two and lives with his wife Katy in the Seattle area.


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much -Helen Keller
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