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Learning To Ask, Thankful To Receive
A Conference for Caregivers and Others Who Care

September 16 - 18, 2008

Fifty-four million caregivers live in the United States and, with an aging population, the numbers are growing. If you are caring for someone you love in your home, in partnership with a care facility, or even from long distance, this is a must attend conference. Join us for an outstanding array of workshops tailored for the needs of caregivers searching for spiritual, emotional, physical relief as they provide care for those they love.

Offered by Annetta Dellenger      
                       and Sherri Goss 

Where’s the JOY in MY journey?
Often a caregiver’s journey leaves them feeling resentment, anger and guilt, and unable to forgive their loved one or themselves.  This session will look at Biblical people who experienced the same kind of challenges to give you encouragement, hope to cope and strength from the real JOY Source. In this ACTIVE session you will learn ways to release unforgiveness through numerous hands-on techniques. Leave with a lightened heart and a new joy-a-tude by receiving a dynamic message for your heart and soul!

Offered by Annetta Dellenger

Joy-ercise for the Exhausted Caregiver
“Who me, have time to exercise? I’m a caregiver!”  Not only is an exercise routine important for good health, but it's also important for our mental well-being, relieving stress and anxiety, and increasing energy. However, caregivers are too busy or too exhausted to work out! Join us to “do”  unique de-stressing techniques that fit naturally into a busy schedule! From laughter to sitting quietly with a loved one…from implementing exercises from God’s Word to spiritual breathing…joy-ercise will help you become mentally and spiritually fit.  Relax, be refreshed and rejoice!

Offered by Sue Foster  

Reconnecting with the World – What to do When Your Caregiving Role is Over
How do you adjust to the loss of your caregiving role and find a new normal? This workshop will help caregivers identify feelings associated with the loss of a role, such as feelings of abandonment, separation anxiety, guilt, fear of what’s next, feelings of failure, etc., and what to do about them. Ways to reconnect, define a new normal, and move on will be discussed.

Offered by Liz Cowen Furman

The Stages of Grief: What to Expect.
Everyone grieves differently, though there are similarities. By sharing examples, Liz gets the point across and keeps the listeners engaged.  If you have a desire to help others overcome their pain and move on, or if the pain is yours and you long to learn to deal with this tough topic in a manner that provides hope, healing, and encouragement, then this is the class for you. Maybe you are anticipating the loss of someone dear to you, if so come and learn what to expect after the loss of a loved one.  Many helpful reading selections are shared and several of the books recommended will be present for conferees to peruse to see which ones appeal to them. Lots of encouragement from scripture for this topic.

Keep Your Sense of Humor and Avoid Losing Your Mind.
Many examples and encouragement to keep the conversation lively. Find ways to look at your situation though fresh eyes and see the humor in the mundane.. Caretaking can be a grueling task, here is a chance to look at the light side of dark, and learn to not take things so seriously. A sense of humor can help save your sanity and make you into an even better caregiver. Scriptural basis for laughter and humor will be offered. Here is a chance to kick back, laugh and take a load off your mind for awhile.

Offered by Sherri Goss 

Avoiding the Top Ten Mistakes People Make with IRA’s
Most people have an Individual Retirement Account of some sort, whether it began as a 401k type plan through an employer, or was established directly by an institution.  Upon death, these accounts can either transfer or “rollover” to beneficiaries, and there are many opportunities for error.  At this program you will learn the rules regarding titling of accounts, beneficiaries, distribution, when the “5-year rule” applies, and how to avoid tax penalties and potentially stretch IRA assets for generations. 

Don’t Let Disorder Destroy Your Family
If you were suddenly incapacitated, would your family know what to do?  Could they find important documents, take over the management of your affairs, and make health decisions on your behalf?  This workshop will walk you through the process of creating a Life Book, an instruction manual for your family that solves this problem.

Offered by Kareen King

Creating Meaningful Conversation
If you are at a loss for words, don’t know what to talk about, or run out of things to say? Then this is the workshop for you. During this workshop Kareen King will help you learn how to here for meaningful interaction with your loved one both at home and in a care facility. Come away with ideas for conversation starters, tips on how to redirect dead-end conversations, and more.

Making Nursing Home Visits an Enjoyable Experience
Do you want to make visiting someone you love a pleasure rather than a chore? If so, you won’t want to miss this important session that addresses those entirely natural anxious feelings that are a part of being a visiting caregiver. We’ll identify prejudices that may interfere with your ability to connect, discuss the “I-Thou” versus the “I-It” relationship, and learn how to validate those who are time-and-place confused. Join us as we learn practical improvisational conversational exercises that will help you to truly “be with” someone.

Humpty Dumpty, Snow White, and You
Where does the caregiver go to experience relief, renewal, and rejuvenation? Borrowing from her training as a drama therapist, Kareen will lead the participants through a series of creative exercises designed to provide support, renewed perspective, and just plain fun. This workshop is designed to provide a safe space for grown-up “play” that has practical applications for real life scenarios. This session will lay a foundation from which the participant can draw from time and time again to get through those overwhelming moments to come. The participants will learn how to articulate their feelings and needs more artfully. They will learn to recognize extremes in their emotionality and avoid making unhealthy choices. They will discover how the use of creative metaphor can reduce stress and build positive connections with others. And finally, they will again be reminded how play, which is not just reserved for children, can become an enriching diversion from life's broken pieces and poisonous apples.

Offered by Carmen Leal

How to Shamelessly Get What You Need When No One Seems to Care
This workshop focuses on creative and positive ways to cut through the red tape facing caregivers and their families. This interactive brainstorming session will help families understand how to effectively interact with church, social services agencies, and medical decision makers to get what they need to provide the best level of care for their loved ones.

A Caregiver’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
There are never a enough hours in a day is a common lament of most caregivers. Join us in this interactive session where we discuss the issues caregivers face. Whether you are struggling with taking away your loved ones driver’s license, wondering how to juggle work and caregiving, or wading through an endless stack of papers, you will find our time together invigorating, helpful and just plain fun. Best of all, you’ll learn the secret weapon to help any caregiver through a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

8 Sure Ways to Caregiver Burnout
Caregiving is a thoughtful, necessary, and selfless act of kindness. It is also exhausting, unrelenting, sometimes mind-numbing, and can be thankless. Caregiving is a responsibility often requiring commitment for the long haul, but it can lead to caregiver burnout. During this session we’ll learn to see the signs of burnout, how respite can help, and brainstorm creative ways to find that much needed respite.

Offered by Charles Puchta

Strategies for Caregivers – Coping with Confidence
Caregiving has fast become an expected life event where the amount of involvement and responsibility tends to increase over time. Caregivers tend to face tremendous uncertainty and often find themselves overwhelmed, unprepared, and uninformed.

This session explores:

  1. The many challenges caregivers are likely to encounter as loved ones age or become ill.
  2. Common feelings and frustrations of both caregivers and care receivers.
  3. Life from the care receivers perspective and ways to anticipate and address loved ones’ emotional, informational and instrumental needs with understanding and confidence.
  4. Proven techniques to communicate with (difficult) family members, make informed decisions and turn good intentions into action.
  5. Government and community-based programs, services and support to help meet day-to-day needs.

Aging & Illness: What Now? What Next?
Growing old gracefully may be our hope; however, the need for assistance with daily living is frequently beyond our control. Often our hopes and plans for the Golden Years are disrupted by life-changing or life-threatening medical conditions. This session explores the aging process, what’s normal and what’s not., typical reactions when a person is diagnosed with a chronic illness or life-threatening disease, and techniques to gain control over important aspects of life.

Offered by Bill and Lyn Roche

A Breath of Fresh Air  (Part I and Part II)
Enjoy interacting with Lyn and Bill and each other while addressing a personal 10-page workbook designed especially for you. As former caregivers, the Roches know caregivers are tired of lectures. They need practical help to enable them to create a healthy balance in their lives – tools they’ll take home and use.

Caring for someone with dementia or an elderly loved one can be extremely challenging and stressful. However, after this workshop caregivers will have the tools they need to take as good care of themselves as they do the loved ones in their care.

Sharing The Care
Most family caregivers want to take care of their loved ones at home. However, for numerous reasons, it isn’t always possible. This insightful, interactive workshop helps family members adjust to the changes and to the “sharing” of caregiving responsibilities when care facility placement becomes necessary. Like their book, the workshop provides both family and professional caregivers with practical tools for becoming successful partners in care – and shares wisdom for truly understanding one another.

Is It Difficult Behavior or a Need That Isn't Being Met?
This workshop will help family caregivers better understand the reasons behind difficult behaviors often associated with Alzheimer's and other dementias. You'll learn safe effective responses and approaches based on knowledge of the progression of the condition, the history of your loved one, and the formation of a necessary new relationship with someone who may sometimes seem like a stranger. The results will maintain the dignity of your loved one and add peace to your life.

Offered by Steve Siler with Carmen Leal

Writing to Heal
When something as all encompassing as terminal or chronic illness takes over your life writing down your experiences and feelings can help heal your heart. Sometimes what you write is between you and God, but other things might one day help others going through a similar situation. This workshop focuses on breaking through the “so what” factor and using your caregiving experiences to help others through articles, books and songs.

Offered by Bob Willis

Hospice 101: What is it?
Placing a loved on into Hospice doesn't have to be a stressful and confusing time. Join Hospice chaplain Bob Willis as he walks caregivers through the Hospice process. During the workshop you'll learn about Hospice care including when does it start, who is on the Hospice team, locating hospice resources in your community, how to pay for the services, and, more importantly, if Hospice is right for someone now or in the future.

Self-Care for Caregivers
Caregivers typically place the needs of their loved ones before themselves. In this workshop you'll learn to understand the importance of self care, identify emotional, physical, and spiritual self care techniques, and come up with a plan for your own personal methods of self care.

The Caregiver’s Heart: Dealing With Change
Victor Frankl  said, "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." Caregiving is rife with change and never more so than in our relationship with our care receivers. During this workshop we'll discuss how to understand changes in relationships, gain valuable “tools” to express feelings during times of change and how to identify support systems.




Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much -Helen Keller
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