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Ministry Breakout Sessions Descriptions

A Casserole Does Not A Ministry Make:
Setting Up a Caregiver Ministry
A Caregiver Symposium for Church, Staff, and Lay Leaders
September 16 - 18, 2008

According to the Family Caregiver Alliance sixty-five percent of caregivers don't receive consistent help from other family members. A large percentage of these caregivers attend churches of all denominations, but the majority of churches do not have an active caregiver ministry. Caregiving should not, cannot, and must not to be done alone and the church must play an active role in caring for the caregiver. If you believe that ministry is more than providing casseroles to those in caregiving situations, please join our gifted workshop leaders of specially chosen topics designed to help church staff and lay leaders discover opportunities to help grow their caregiver ministry.

Ministry Breakout Sessions Descriptions

Offered by Annetta Dellenger

Hello Joy Boxes - Good-by Casseroles: Unique Ways to Encourage a Caregiver!
Caregivers are often the silent heroes who encourage others yet rarely receive much-needed encouragement themselves. Encouraging caregivers is so much more than scheduling casseroles, as important as that ministry component can be. Whether your ministry is established or you are just starting one, this interactive workshop will provide numerous joy-booster ideas to show you care to a caregiver.

If Only I Knew What to Say
Even though we meant well, we’ve all said a lot of those “Avoid Saying” things to those who are hurting. Join us as we work together to learn how to avoid platitudes and quick fix comments that often leave the caregiver hurt instead of encouraged. This interactive session will focus on the “Do’s and Don’ts for conversing as you comfort others.  Listening skills will also be addressed.  

Offered by Sue Foster

When to Refer Someone to Professional Counseling: For Church Leaders
It is difficult to know when to refer someone for professional counseling. Often pastors, lay counselors and lay leaders are not trained to handle difficult mental health issues. This workshop will train them to recognize behaviors that are making it difficult for caregivers to care for themselves and their dependents, and when to refer them out to a professional. Also outlined will be ways for both professional counselors and the faith community to work together in areas of training and education.

Beyond the Walls – Developing a Comprehensive Grief Ministry for Your Church and Community: For Church Leaders
Studies show that the average length of time a church helps those who are grieving is about three weeks. It is not uncommon for members to either leave the church altogether,  or find another place to worship after a life changing event. Why does this happen? The church, as a whole, is often ill-equipped to deal with those who are grieving life’s losses. For the most part, we don’t know what to do or say, and there is the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. Also, we are often not aware of the short term and the long term needs - physical, emotional, and spiritual - of those who are in mourning.

Oftentimes churches do not have an organized system in place to adequately meet the needs of those who are grieving. This workshop will give an overview for setting up a comprehensive grief ministry in the local church: why it is needed, who will facilitate it, what will it look like. Also, how this ministry can serve the community beyond the church walls. 

Offered by Sherri Goss

How to Help Caregivers Avoid a Financial Disaster
Sound financial decisions can bring the caregiver peace and help them avoid family conflict.  Caregivers in your congregations and communities face enormous financial challenges and decisions.  In this session you will learn about common mistakes many caregivers make regarding money management and legal issues.  While you may not be a financial planner, you can help guide caregivers in the right direction to learn about transfer and titling of assets, powers of attorney and more.  Sherri will also share ideas for programs your church can offer to become a resource in your community to caregiver families.

Ask So They Will Give
Many churches are dealing with an increased need for resources from their members and local community, and decreased giving from members.  This program is about implementing new giving strategies within your congregation, so you can continue to offer the types of programs that are needed by your members, and within your community.

Offered by Kareen King

The Ministry of Nursing Home Visits
Whether you are a pastor or part of the visitation committee visiting someone in a nursing home doesn't have to be a stressful experience. During this workshop especially created for those visiting non family members in a ministry context you'll learn to identify prejudices that may interfere with your ability to connect, discuss the “I-Thou” versus the “I-It” relationship, and learn how to validate those who are time-and-place confused. Join us as we learn practical improvisational conversational exercises that will help you to truly “be with” someone.

Offered by Charles Puchta

Faith-Based Care: Getting to the Heart of Caring
People facing health-related concerns often turn to their church for direction and support. While churches generally do a good job of providing care and support at the time of crisis, many are not equipped to provide the on-going encouragement people need and want. This session explores the expectations of the congregation/community and the common challenges churches face in meeting people’s needs. We'll also discuss the emotional, informational and instrumental needs of individuals/families and ways that church leaders, care ministers and lay leaders can effectively provide and coordinate care by following established processes and using proven ministry tools.

Care for One Another: Biblical Caregiving Principles
Caregiving is almost always more than a person can handle alone. Caregivers tend to face tremendous uncertainty and often find themselves overwhelmed, unprepared, and uninformed. Finding guidance, strength and hope through God and His Word is key to successful caregiving. This workshop will focus on biblical-based principles and scripture specific to aging and caregiving and the expected challenges caregivers are likely to encounter as loved ones age or become ill.

Offered by Bill and Lyn Roche

Because You Care
This workshop empowers Faith Community Leaders to successfully continue as a meaningful presence in the lives of individuals in their congregations affected by severe memory impairment – and, as a supportive presence in the lives of family caregivers. During our time together we will learn how to identify isolated families, understand the complexities of ongoing caregiving, show care recipients and caregivers they are not forgotten, form care teams within your congregation, and put into immediate action many creative, meaningful, and yet easy ideas that will enable you to remain connected with families facing a challenging, stressful, and often lonely time.

Offered by Steve Siler

Music: It’s Not Just for Worship Anymore
This workshop explores the many non-traditional ways in which music and song can impact the church. Music for the Soul founder, Steve Siler, will help pastors and lay leaders understand the importance of music as a communication tool. Steve will site Biblical applications and look specifically at music’s ability to break down walls of denial, to open hearts and to speak directly to issues of shame, guilt, etc. Finally, this workshop will look at music’s power to comfort, nurture, encourage, and open paths to healing will be explored, both in the context of the church and in the context of caregiving.

Offered by Bob Willis

A Ride to Remember: Offering the Ministry of Presence
This workshop presents valuable “tools” to pastors and lay leaders as they companion caregivers and patients down the caregiving road. Learn valuable insight into recognizing and addressing the needs of the moment, gain confidence to walk alongside those who are hurting, while gently sharing the presence and peace of the Lord.

The Fork in the Road
This workshop will help pastors and lay leaders understand community care options available to caregivers when they can no longer go it alone. Topics to be addressed include an overview of Hospice services, when to involve hospice, and the advantages of having a hospice team involved in the care for a loved one. Nursing home placement and the emotional aspect of making this decision for a loved one will also be discussed.

”Care-Grievers”: A mission field in our community
This workshop explores the opportunities for churches to reach out to caregivers in their communities.   Churches desiring to implement a program of ministry to caregivers must identify their unique needs, understand their varied losses, confront the challenges of ministry to this growing community, and develop specific programs to meet these identified needs.



Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much -Helen Keller
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