Last night we decided to watch some TV after our event so we could wind down. Coconut was thrilled to cuddle on the sofa between his two people.

I took him out for last call afterward and he seemed to have found a second wind. Next to the kitchen and the back door is our living room. The hallway is the quickest path to the stairs and the one I usually take. There’s a hallway with a door to close it off, but we never do. We have an iron doorstop to keep it open and it was down that hall where the unexpected happened.

Coconut was racing to the steps to beat us upstairs, he does that every night, but I was by the door. The next thing I knew I was on the floor with blood dripping from my nose. Coconut had knocked me over and I slammed into the door.

Gary came to my rescue, helped me up, cleaned the blood off the floor, and that dog of mine scrambled up the stairs and jumped into the bed to wait for more snuggles.

If you have not been knocked into a door when your dog flies by I do not recommend it. My face is sore, I don’t think there’s a bruise, and thank goodness I wasn’t wearing my glasses at the time.

And Coconut? Not even remorseful.

I, however, have another story.