Lily in the Hostas

By |November 25, 2022|

When we moved here the yard was neglected. We spent our time and money the first year getting windows and ceiling fans and a furnace and a ton of other things we needed to make this house more livable. Old houses are a ton of work! We applied for and got a grant to plant a rain garden and then Gary decided we needed a butterfly garden as well. I secretly think he wanted these to have less area to mow. We salvaged the plants we thought weren't weeds, we gave away hundreds of those dreadful orange ditch lilies until I learned they are invasive and then we yanked and destroyed them. Then we set about preparing the area for the not inexpensive native Wisconsin plants. Neither of us is a gardener and so we made some questionable decisions early on. Gary gets all the blame for using the soil [...]

Black Friday Deal

By |November 24, 2022|

Every year at the rescue we'd offer s Black Friday special. All black dogs had their adoption fee reduced. Some years we added a bed or a leash and collar. This year I hope others work to find homes for black dogs tomorrow. Here's my Black Friday special. I love working with my friend who is an author and photographer and sharing with others about both of our books. Click on the full graphic to see it all.

All I Want For Christmas

By |November 24, 2022|

Yesterday I posted a blog called Wooden Spoons. This has been my cooking week where I prepare and freeze four to five months of meals. I've been doing this for over thirty years and while the charge on my Costco credit card about made me faint, the time and money I save is pretty substantial. I am blessed. Truly blessed. There's really nothing I want for Christmas this year. Gary is having his first knee replacement surgery on December 22 so it's going to be a quiet Christmas. Prayers for healing would be appreciated. After hours in the kitchen I came up with what I want for Christmas. P.S. I'm not kidding about needing some wooden spoons.    

Wooden Spoons

By |November 23, 2022|

This is my favorite Christmas story from when my sons were little. This is also one of the first stories I ever got published. It was in a church Advent devotional and people still tell [...]

“He’s Not Just Eight!”

By |November 21, 2022|

Gary and I went to Steve’s school on Friday for a special day for grandparents. We saw everything the kids do at Grace Lutheran and our four-year-old could not have been more excited. We listened [...]

I’ll Love You Forever

By |November 19, 2022|

Today is National Play Monopoly Day which brings to mind a story I wrote over thirty years ago. I think we need to start playing Monopoly with my grandson. One evening, I was playing Monopoly [...]

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