How awesome was yesterday? Coconut and I took a walk that was well over an hour. We walked with a friend and laughed and talked, saw more dogs and their owners, and felt like maybe, maybe, spring will come again.

Kathy is not a dog person. She’s okay with Coconut, but she’s never had a dog in her life.

“You sure don’t get your heart racing when you’re walking Coconut,” she noted.

I explained when I decided to get a dog I had visions of a well-trained pooch who was a champion leash walker and together we’d walk in town and on trails. We’d walk at least five or more fast-paced miles a day and the pounds would melt off. That didn’t happen.

Our fast-past walks are more like dawdling while this mutt of mine goes from side to side, sniffing, marking, and ever so often, pooping. Then he finds new territory and runs over to sniff as if there’s either buried treasure our a long forgotten body buried below. Nope. Just smelling for something we humans will never understand.

Today it’s going to be sunny and reach forty! Today, despite all I have going on, we’re going to walk. We’ll let him say hi to the neighborhood dogs and meet the new arrivals who are moving in to start their lives here.

Together we’ll discover the early spring flowers trying to break through the softish earth because they think it’s time to wake up and shine. They’re wrong, of course, but today we’ll act like there won’t be a few more snows this season. And we’ll dawdle and he’ll sniff and mark and he’ll be doing his job.

I hope you and your dog go on some walks this week.