Dogs are Peace

By now you know I am Coconut's mom and I am not a gardener. Well, a ton of gardening has happened in the five years since we moved here, but it was not my hobby of choice. Being a dog mom was not something I ever wanted to do, either. Yet here we are. Somehow my crazy life in WI is all about getting rid of all the grass, adding native plants, and finding unique but not cheesy yard art for our garden. And a dog. To celebrate the release [...]

The Quilt

It's funny writing a book so that you can make a quarterly donation to a non-profit. I would never, ever have written my new book had it not been for wanting to help the owner be able to keep his head above water and rescue more dogs. So now there's this book and the rescue shelter is having their last adoption event tomorrow. By the end of the month the building will be empty. There were so many times I wanted to stop helping, to get a real job [...]

A Book Toast a Day Late

When you publish your book on Amazon there's an excellent chance others will get your book before you even see a copy. Author's copies are ordered differently and it takes ten days before they ship. As in a long, long time. I ordered copies for all the people who contributed to the book, well, those who sent their snail mail address, and I ordered books for my first signing. Then I went and spent money to buy my book because I wanted to see it. Makes sense, right? People [...]

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