I’m Not Really an Animal Hero

By |September 19, 2023|

The September 11th issue of Woman's World was a little hard to find. But we finally found some copies! Since the writer put this together some numbers have changed. Donations went to NEW PAWSibilities, Neenah Animal Shelter, and, of course our good friends at Second Chance North. The total should reach $4,500 by the next donation! I am so thankful for many of you here who have purchased and read the book, who have written reviews, and have told others to check it out. It really is a humbling and wonderful experience. In addition to the monetary donations, I have been able to donate dozens of copies of I Chose You to rescues and shelters around the country for them to use as fundraisers. In the next book I'll have more details surrounding the exact time I know I needed to consider a dog. I'm sure the interviewed likely submitted [...]

Aloha ʻOe

By |August 10, 2023|

When my son turned four we decided to take a trip to Maui instead of hosting another birthday party. Nicholas kept asking about his party and we'd say, "We're going to Maui!" We painted this picture of a magical island that was even better than Disneyland. My husband worked for United Airlines and we got $10.00 tickets on Aloha Airlines as well as a ridiculously cheap resort rate. The kid was so excited to go to Maui! We donned our aloha wear and off we went on the birthday adventure. For a week we heard the word Maui over and over and over. We never actually told the poor kid what we'd be doing on Maui or what to expect. I don't know what he expected, but he was not happy with getting Maui instead of a birthday party. When we got off the plane and walked outside of the [...]

Weeping Willow

By |July 14, 2023|

I grew up in a two bedroom house and we had eight kids. Everyone played an instrument or sang and it was pretty darned chaotic.   My poor brothers had a room that was actually [...]

A Little Aloha “Up North”

By |June 23, 2023|

You can take the girl out of Hawaii.... We live in Oshkosh, WI now. We've gotten into native plants and creating rain and butterfly gardens and killing as much nasty grass as possible. Yesterday we [...]

Why Articles Can Reach More People Than Books

By |June 19, 2023|

My third book was published by Harold Shaw Publishers which immediately got purchased by Random House. I pitched them at a conference and sold that manuscript all by myself. That book caught the attention of [...]

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