I’m Not Really an Animal Hero

By |2023-09-18T16:25:50-05:00September 19, 2023|

The September 11th issue of Woman's World was a little hard to find. But we finally found some copies! Since the writer put this together some numbers have changed. Donations went to NEW PAWSibilities, Neenah Animal Shelter, and, of course our good friends at Second Chance North. The total should reach $4,500 by the next donation! I am so thankful for many of you [...]

Aloha ʻOe

By |2023-08-10T08:19:53-05:00August 10, 2023|

When my son turned four we decided to take a trip to Maui instead of hosting another birthday party. Nicholas kept asking about his party and we'd say, "We're going to Maui!" We painted this picture of a magical island that was even better than Disneyland. My husband worked for United Airlines and we got $10.00 tickets on Aloha Airlines as well as a [...]

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