Yesterday was Cyber Monday. I don’t usually buy anything because of Cyber Monday or Black Friday. If I buy at all I try and support small businesses. My house is all about vintage and resale and I can tell you it’s been way too long since I bought new clothes. I hate clothes shopping.

But this year was different. Yesterday I made up for a lot of Cyber Mondays when I didn’t buy anything at all. Except for dog food and treats. Priorities.

I’ve been nursing my computer trying to get through this year of writing and marketing. It’s got life left in it, but it was well past time to upgrade. I only wanted an iMac and I was willing to wait if i had to. But I have two books I am writing plus all the work I do to marketing the current book and the computer was making everything take longer and, I’ll admit it, stressing me out.

Costco decided to combine Black Friday and Cyber Monday and they had my computer on sale. Their sale coincided with my first deposit from Amazon since my book went life. I went to my business banking account on Sunday and saw my first Amazon payment. That’s a wonderful feeling to see that my book has been selling. It’s not a best seller, but there’s money in my account! I’m incredibly proud that my book is the reason I could afford a new computer. I hope that people who bought my book way back in September read this and know that as a group they bought me a computer.

Hopefully the book keeps selling and selling. Let’s shoot for paying off the mortgage next.