Last night we watched a movie called Dog Gone. It stars Rob Lowe and is based by a book on the same title. The plot is pretty basic.

Lowe’s son is graduating from college with no clear career path. He adopts a rescue dog he names Gonker. Yes, there’s a story. He goes home to live with his wealthy parents while trying to find himself.

It turns out that Gonker has Addison’s disease and needs medication every thirty days and, of course, he chases a fox and runs away. They are on the Appalachian Trail and that’s a lot of ground to cover.

Will they find him? Will it be in time? Will the young man find himself and finally make his father proud of him?

It’s an okay dog movie on Netflix. But the whole time I was watching it I thought of what would happen if my dog was lost and without his medication? And I thought that all of these dogs make the world a better place. I wonder do they know it.

Because, truly, Coconut is in my world and he makes it a better place. I make sure to tell him that every, single day in many, many ways.