I am an author and a member of several author communities. I connected with an author who released a book in December that some of you might find helpful.

We are finally at the point where we are considering vegetable gardening. I found her book to be really informative and the charts in back are invaluable. It’s super easy to follow and available on Amazon. I left my review and prefaced it with how little I know about growing vegetables and even less about companion gardening.

Here’s my Amazon review because with the cost of living now might be the time to start growing food. And as an author I want to support other authors with reviews and also tell as many people as possible about a good book.

Companion Planting in Raised Bed Gardens for Beginners: Become Self-Sufficient Growing Organic Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables All Year

When we moved to Wisconsin, I thought I was buying a house. I was mistaken. I bought a back yard full of weeds with the house thrown in for free. I had never gardened, didn’t know a weed from a plant, and seriously hated every minute of working in that yard for the first two years. We’ve limited our yard to native plants and some hardy bushes, but my goal was to just stick them in the ground and let nature take over and that’s been successful for this reluctant gardener.

I’ve been scared to start vegetable gardening because it’s one more thing to learn and every how-to book or website I found led to more and more questions so the area that would be the perfect spot for vegetables is still empty. But I have finally found a book that I feel confident will help me succeed at growing food.

Companion Planting in Raised Bed Gardens for Beginners: Become Self-Sufficient Growing Organic Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables All Year Round by Aster W. Green is a wonderful resource for people like myself who have given up on gardening before they ever started because of being fearful of failure. But it’s also great for the seasoned gardeners who want to learn more about the many, many benefits of companion gardening.

Aster Green obviously has experience and passion and I love learning from people who have succeeded and are willing to share that learned experience with others. The book is extremely well-written and user-friendly. Trust me, if I can follow it, anyone can. The centerpiece of the book features charts that are well-constructed and incredibly informative. There’s a section on beneficial insects and how to attract them which I found fascinating. The charts showing what vegetables (and other plants) to grow as companions was eye-opening and made so much sense.

No matter what growing zone you are in or your level of gardening experience, Companion Planting in Raised Bed Gardens for Beginners is a must-have resource. Even people who have been backyard gardeners for years can learn a ton with this outstanding book.