For over four years I did marketing and other tasks for a local rescue shelter. We rescued dogs from a high kill shelter in Kentucky. That’s where I got my dog and he’s the reason I decided to begin volunteering.

Sadly, the rescue closed due to the financial strain of COVID and all that happened after that. I only wrote my book so I would always have money to donate to them and I rushed to release to be able to do one signing.

I am pleased to announce I have a new rescue partner to help! Second Chance North rescues dogs from 2nd Chance Shelter in Alabama. They are a foster to adoption group and they are doing wonderful work. Next month I have a major TV interview and four book signings and a few other things happening that I hope will raise enough to rescue more dogs.

I’m working on book two of the series and I’ll post more about that soon.

If you are in Wisconsin and looking for a dog or a puppy this is a great place to search. I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca who is up here and the Doug and Wanda, the angels behind all the rescues in Alabama. It’s a great story!

I am thrilled to have a place to donate money to that rescues dogs. I took the last three months off of marketing because of Gary’s two knee surgeries. Now I need to get moving so I have money to give. Lots of exciting things happening next month and I can’t wait to announce them.

For now, here’s the book. How can you help rescue more dogs? You can buy a copy for you, a family member, or a friend. You can share this post. You can follow me at because where I’ll be posting all the cute dogs and also events and fun times.

If you have read the book I’d love a review because reviews matter so much. I have a ton of author friends on here and they all know that reviews matter. Even if you borrow a book from a friend or the library you can still post a review on Amazon as long as you have spent $50.00 a year.

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Thank you for helping me raise money to #rescuemoredogs!