Spring has sprung and we finally have a few tulips brightening our yard. Things are slow here in Oshkosh, at least in my yard, but with all of the snow I am hoping it will be a great year.

We moved here in March of 2017. When the snow melted and the mud dried we discovered that we had bought a yard full of weeds, and I later learned most were the fun ones like burdock and dames rocket and other invasive hard to get rid of weeds. And I found out about creeping Charlie.

I also found out about a grant from our local Rotary to start a rain garden which changed everything. I made a ton of mistakes, and I wish I had known about cardboard before we started, but little by little our yard is looking pretty good.

We have invested in native plants and other perennials. Our mission is to get rid of as much grass as possible and to encourage pollinators.

Today seems a good day to announce that Facebook is good for something. I joined the Wisconsin Gardening Group and the membersĀ  made a difference in our yard. I joined the group knowing nothing about Wisconsin, gardening or weeds. I asked questions, lots of them probably really basic bordering on dumb, and they answered and encouraged. Some even donated plants to us!

I have always called myself a reluctant gardener but somehow we have created beauty. So here’s the announcement. If you are in or around Oshkosh on Sunday, July 9th from 11:00 – 4:00 why not stop by and see the garden this group helped to create?

Guess what house is on the official 2023 Oshkosh Garden Tour? Mine! Of course now I’m all stressed about all the work and making it look the best possible. But I said yes and they said no backing out.

So happy gardening day!