What a day! Thank you to The Turquoise Door Oshkosh for hosting my book signing at their fabulous store on Main Street in Oshkosh. They are the nicest ladies on the face of the earth.

So here’s some back story. I have been a customer and cheerleader of their shop since before they opened. In fact, the owner’s mother-in-law owned a shop in that location for ten years and then when she closed they took over the space.

They are a consignment shop filled with purses, shoes, clothing, household goods, succulents. Every day is a new day there with all sorts of new additions.

Sonia, the owner’s daughter, adopted a dog from NEW PAWS and she allowed me to share her story in the book. It’s called Serendipity and, as she tells everyone, is on page 217.

They were one of the first shops to ask me to do a signing with them. So I pulled together a gift basket and some doggy ornaments as a giveaway to everyone who bought a book.

At the eleventh hour I connected with the Neenah Animal Shelter and asked if they would be interested in a little pop-up fundraiser. They said yes and my wonderful husband pulled together a graphic and we did a little social media and then showed up with books, a doggy themed table cloth, bookmarks, and more.

Gary did not get even one photo of the event. Things went way too quickly for that. We were scheduled from 12:00 – 3:00 and by 1:30 we had no more books to sell.

Some people came into the shop only to buy the book because they heard I was there. Several fans brought in their copies to get them signed because they had purchased them on Amazon.

Here’s the cool thing about partnerships. Just about half of the people who came had never heard of the store. They were there only for the book but they found lots of other ways to spend money. This signing was a win for the shelter, for me, and for the store.

When I explained I was sold out, which is a nice problem to have, a lady went on Amazon and ordered four and will bring them with her next week to my signing. I’ll deliver four to another lady when my stock arrives.

It was a really good and crazy exhausting day. We are donating $450.00 to the Neenah Animal Shelter to help more dogs find homes.

We are looking at more ways to partner and help rescue and home more dogs.

If you have an idea for a book signing where I can partner with a rescue or shelter then please feel free to let me know.