While getting my car repaired a few years ago a darling little couple walked into the waiting area.  They were in their late 80s, she in a pair of pants that were far too baggy, he in a shirt barely covering the evidence of having eaten years of her good cooking.  She was hunched and far too short to drive a car. He shuffled with a painfully slow gait.

But they were sweet to each other. She asked if he wanted a lemon lime. Seeing him nod and smile, off she went to get one soda for the two of them to share. She returned to where he stood and explained that the cost was more than the dollar she had in her black decades-old purse. As she dug deep inside for extra coins, I ran out to the soda machine and purchased a lemon-lime soda and handed it to her.

Not a word was shared between the three of us. I saw the pool of tears and then she looked me straight in the eyes and a whisper of a smile appeared.  They shared their drink, held hands, and talked about how mean everyone was talking about our new president. They agreed he was not a good candidate even though the First Lady had style.

It’s so easy to do something so little to make people happy. I’m glad my car was done before they left the shop. I would not want to be anywhere near either of them. They need a driver. But it was a lovely moment to be able to do a random act of kindness that blessed me far more than it did them.