April was a crazy busy month. Lots of book signings and money raised for 2nd Chance Shelter in Boaz, AL. More on that later this week.

But in between marketing and writing and getting ready to teach the E-Seed Entrepreneur Workshops at Fox Valley Technical College I’ve been on a few podcasts. I need to post them on my site, but for now, here’s one of my newest episodes.

I love this podcasts because we all have bucket lists. Roger interviews people about their lists and he likes to showcase unique ones to help inspire people to do all the things they want to do before it’s too late. Writing a book or seeing a national park are great goals. But there are many who do that. So he looks for unique bucket list items and he heard my story and decided it was worthy of having a conversation.

So here’s my guilty little secret. I don’t listen to my podcasts or read my books. I have no idea if I sound deranged or like I’m having fun. I was going for the latter. Sadly, all of my Peace Corps photos are gone, but I still have the ostrich egg and hippo tusk in this photo from last week. We ate the ostrich who laid that egg for Thanksgiving. Talk about stories! And the tusk was gifted to me after the villagers killed it because that hippo killed some kids walking to school on the bridge while crossing the Niger River

Here’s what Roger had to say about my episode of “Crossing It Off.”

“In this episode of “Crossing It Off,” host Roger speaks with Carmen Leal about her journey of joining the Peace Corps and crossing it off her bucket list. Carmen shares the motivations behind her decision to join the Peace Corps, the application process, and the challenges she faced in adapting to a new culture.

Roger and Carmen discuss the impact of the Peace Corps experience on personal growth and development, including the skills and perspectives gained from working in a different environment. Carmen also highlights the importance of community involvement and cultural immersion in the Peace Corps experience.

Listeners can expect to be inspired by Carmen’s story of pursuing her goal of joining the Peace Corps and the valuable lessons she learned along the way. Whether you have a bucket list item related to community service or any other goal, this episode of “Crossing It Off” will provide valuable insights and inspiration for achieving your dreams.

Crossing It Off Peace Corps Style