The September 11th issue of Woman’s World was a little hard to find. But we finally found some copies!

Since the writer put this together some numbers have changed. Donations went to NEW PAWSibilities, Neenah Animal Shelter, and, of course our good friends at Second Chance North. The total should reach $4,500 by the next donation! I am so thankful for many of you here who have purchased and read the book, who have written reviews, and have told others to check it out. It really is a humbling and wonderful experience.

In addition to the monetary donations, I have been able to donate dozens of copies of I Chose You to rescues and shelters around the country for them to use as fundraisers.

In the next book I’ll have more details surrounding the exact time I know I needed to consider a dog. I’m sure the interviewed likely submitted the correct version, but it likely got edited for word count so it’s abbreviated to say the least.

But I am so honored to be recognized and to get the word out about how important it is to rescue instead of to buy. I have zero problem with ethically breeding dogs. Backyard breeders and puppy mills have become a major problem as has letting dogs roam who have not been fixed. And there are other things, of course.

I can’t wait for book two to be out!