Today is National Mutt Day!

This is a small part of the foreword of my new book was written by Hollywood dog trainer. R. Ruddell Weatherwax.

“Dogs, or cats for that matter, who come from a shelter are more affordable than buying through a breeder or at a pet store. You know exactly what you’re getting with a shelter dog. In fact, most of the dogs that land in a shelter are not bad; they simply did not always come from ideal first homes. Maybe there was a family divorce or the owners moved overseas. There are a multitude of reasons a dog ends up in an animal shelter.

My experience also has shown me that dogs adopted from a shelter, especially mutts, tend to have fewer vet bills than costly purebreds. They’re not just cheaper to get, but, with fewer health problems, shelter dogs are usually a bargain throughout their lives. Then there is that wonderful feeling you get from saving a dog’s life. No amount of money can give you that same feeling.

The gratitude a dog has to his rescuing owner is displayed time and time again in ways a purchased dog cannot equal.

Next time you are in search of a dog, think with your heart and not your wallet. Go down to your local animal shelter and find your soul mate. See the intrinsic value of a dog that needs you more than you need them. The only regret you will have is that you can’t adopt every single animal there.”

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