So my book is being featured on a blog tour. That’s where I send a copy of the book to people around the country and they write reviews for their followers and readers to enjoy. Or maybe they hate my book and the review will send me into a downward spiral. So far, it’s been great.

They also post blogs that I wrote about my book, my dog, and kind of my life in general.

But the very first day I got this. Now I know it’s not a Pulitzer or other prestigious award. But I was stoked beyond belief!

I felt like Sally Field accepting her Oscar for Norma Ray. “You like me! You really, really like me!”

Putting our words out into the world is scary. A huge part of me wonders why I do it and how could anyone like what I write. And then I think of all the dogs who need homes. How could I not create awareness and raise funds. But then this happens!

I have two more book signings this month and I hope I sell a lot of books in person and on Amazon so that I can give more to Second Chance North and 2nd Chance Shelter.

You have to admit, this is a pretty cool book award!

Pages and Paws is the name of the blog and I’ve linked the blog here. But this is what she said.


So…. You’ve heard of the Pulitzer Prize? The Newbery Medal? The Nobel Prize? Small potatoes, bub. They’re nothing next to the Official Mom-Tested, Kimber-Approved Pawsome Book Award.

The Pawsome Book Award

“What’s a Pawsome Book Award?” you ask. Good question. It’s like sunshine on a cloudy day. Birthdays. The first day of summer vacation. Christmas morning. BFFs. All rolled into one.

Reserved for the top one percent (that’s 1% for those in the back) of all books read, the Pawsome Award is our highest honor.

I Chose You is the first-ever recipient of this prestigious award. Here’s why:

Please visit Pages and Paws  to read the full blog. She’s a fun writer and she has a cute dog who helps her create her blog.