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We have this neighbor who doesn't weed. At least he mows. Sort of. For a few years I called the management company and asked nicely if they could do something about the burdock and dames rocket and five-foot-high thistle grove. The creeping belle flower and ditch lilies and all other sorts of horribleness are on my fence line. Once a year when things tower [...]


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When I was growing up I loved when it rained. Rain meant no banishment to the outdoors in the ridiculously hot summers to play baseball on the dirt. I wasn't very good and I'm not kidding when I said the field was dirt. Staying inside meant I could go up to my bottom bunk in the bedroom I shared with my sisters and I [...]

Up on the Roof

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When I was a kid in Kansas summers were hot. And humid. And there never seemed to be a breeze. I shared a room with my three sisters. The ceilings were sloped and we had two army-issue metal bunk beds, thank goodness I had a bottom bunk so I didn't bank my head on the ceiling multiple times a day. When it was really [...]

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