Girl on the Run

By |2023-05-31T07:13:24-05:00May 31, 2023|

Earlier this week we got up really early to do yard work before it got hot. Watering takes a long time because we are currently in a drought situation. I decided to wear this super cute dress with a criss cross top but then when I was getting dressed I thought about the thing we women all hate. A. Bra. Way too hot, I’m [...]

Tulips Make Me Happy

By |2023-05-09T07:30:43-05:00May 9, 2023|

April showers bring May flowers. They also bring weeds. So many weeds. But today I choose to focus on my tulips. When we moved here six years ago the area next to the porch had weeds. There were a couple of bushes that failed to thrive, it turns out they needed less sun, and there were rocks. I don't mean pretty landscaping locks. I [...]

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