Black Friday Deal

By |2022-11-24T08:15:03-06:00November 24, 2022|

Every year at the rescue we'd offer s Black Friday special. All black dogs had their adoption fee reduced. Some years we added a bed or a leash and collar. This year I hope others work to find homes for black dogs tomorrow. Here's my Black Friday special. I love working with my friend who is an author and photographer and sharing with others [...]

All I Want For Christmas

By |2022-11-24T07:49:44-06:00November 24, 2022|

Yesterday I posted a blog called Wooden Spoons. This has been my cooking week where I prepare and freeze four to five months of meals. I've been doing this for over thirty years and while the charge on my Costco credit card about made me faint, the time and money I save is pretty substantial. I am blessed. Truly blessed. There's really nothing I [...]

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