I cooked my full Thanksgiving dinner when I was ten-years-old. My parents got divorced when I was nine, and while my father was still in the picture. my mom worked the three till eleven shift so that meant someone had to cook. With three older siblings I’m not sure how I got roped into cooking and grocery shopping, but somehow I did and that first year it meant Thanksgiving dinner.

I have cooked more turkey dinners than I can count because I usually buy a couple of extra turkeys when they are on sale and toss them into the freezer for two more dinners during the year. I even made a huge Thanksgiving meal when I live in Africa, complete with a wild turkey we caught, killed and dressed.

My tradition was that after my siblings cleaned the kitchen, I’d sit down while we watched The Sound of Music or another musical or holiday show and write out Christmas cards. The first night I’d address the envelopes to aunts and uncles and pen pals around the world. The next evening I’d write a message in each card and place it into the envelope. I’d lick the holiday themed stamp I’d gotten at the post office and work until every person’s card was address and sealed with the card inside.

At some point the hand-written message turned into a typed letter printed out on carefully chosen Christmas stationary. I’d still scribble a personalized note at the bottom, but this way I had more room to share about the year.

It’s been many years since I spent my Thanksgiving addressing envelopes and writing annual letters. I miss sharing a year of news in one letter and sending it off to land in a mailbox to be read by special people in my life. Now we have unlimited long distance calling and social media and there’s not enough new information to send. And so another holiday tradition has ended.

Today is Christmas Card Day and while I won’t be licking stamps and sealing envelopes today, I do have a special card for you. Jacquie Lawson is a gifted artist. Her animated cards are a thing of beauty. This year she created the perfect card for someone who cares about rescue dogs.

To view this special card click on this link.

Please make sure to scroll down to the end of my message and then read her comments about Christmas spirit. You will be blessed.