Yesterday I did my next to the last book signing for the year. I have to admit it, I’m pretty tired of lugging bugs and setting things up and then holding my breath. Will someone come? Will they by books? Will they like my book? We authors can be needy people.

Every book signing has gone well and I’ve been able to donate over $1,000 in three months to two different rescues. I’ve donated books to be used as auction items for fundraisers. It’s not a huge start, but it’s happening.

When I adopted my dog is was truly with the most selfish of motives. Will this dog give me a reason to live? It really had nothing to do with rescuing a dog who had been transported here from a high-kill shelter.

Oh, how things have changed. Coconut did give me the will to live, to somehow find a new way to use my gift and talents.

And here we are, a new book but the same mission. Each book I sell gets me one step closer to helping people see the value of rescue dogs. When I talk to people at book signings or in an interview or from the stage I get to help people understand the value of rescue dogs. Every dollar I donate will be used by rescue, fosters, and shelters to find rescue dogs a forever home.

Will you join me in my mission? Visit Amazon or any place where books are sold to buy a copy of I Chose You. Donate to your local shelter or rescue to help dogs find their home.