Today is National Mom and Pop Business Owner Day.

I just accepted a position this year and I’ll be an adjunct professor at Fox Valley Technical College here in Appleton and Oshkosh. I’ll be teaching a thirty hour workshop for people who want to start a business or already have a business but want to grow to the next level.

I love business and marketing and helping people to see the possible in what they thought was impossible.

One of the ways to succeed in business, and there are lots of good things, but one of the best is to understand the power of ask. People want you to be successful in your business. They usually don’t understand how they can help, but sometimes it really is as simple as asking as long as the ask is realistic and relevant and something someone can do.

Today I am asking anyone who has read my book, I Chose You, Imperfectly Perfect Rescue Dogs and Their Humans, to leave me a review. You are able to review it if you bought a copy on Amazon, bought one in person at a book signing and have an Amazon account where you spend at least $50.00 a year. If your account belongs to someone else in your home you can use their account to leave the review.

Below is the direct link to leave a review. It’s already set at five stars but you can change that. You don’t need to leave a long and detailed review but a few words will help. Amazon loves reviews because it helps their readers find books that they love which in turn brings them back to shop for more. Books with more reviews get more love from Amazon, it’s as simple as that. Amazon Review link

Haven’t read it yet? That’s okay! When you’re ready I hope you will and I hope you’ll tell others. For the month of April 50% of my proceeds from the book will be donated to Second Chance North.

I used the power of ask to suggest that a few other mom and pop businesses might want to help out and they said yes.

For all of you who own a mom and pop small business it’s your day to celebrate! Hopefully, everyone will patronize a small business, write a review, or read a book written by a author who is a small. business.