We’ve lived in Wisconsin for six years. I could fill pages with what I miss about Hawaii, but it wouldn’t change anything. Mountains and oceans would not magically appear, there would not be an abundance of amazing Asian and Hawaiian food, and perfect mangoes, papaya, and lychee would not suddenly appear in my kitchen.

So let’s talk about what I love and would miss if I were to move back to Hawaii.

When we moved here the movers lost or broke or stole most of our belongings. So instead of being able to decorate around what we shipped we pretty much had to start from scratch. In our case that could have been a disaster turned into a blessing. Back home we don’t have an abundance of resale, consignment, and antique shops.

There are so many special items I have been able to add to our home without spending a fortune. Here’s an example of how Oshkosh shops have helped me to make our house a home.

Last year I finally found the perfect cabinet for this space in the dining room at Fabulous Finds. Sandi has a great eye and is a true artist. She also has candy on the counter that I do not need but still enjoy.

I had this huge space above the cabinet and filling huge walls can be a real challenge. Brian at uBloom had this darling shelf and I added Polish pottery knobs, yeah, I’m an addict, and filled it with the cutest pieces.

The Polish pottery egg came from the ladies at The Turquoise Door as did the pitcher in the middle. The sunflower vase is one I picked up for next to nothing from Fabulous Finds. The  super colorful vase survived the trip from Hawaii and the purple iris vase is another gem from The Turquoise Door. The metal dog in the middle is from Soiree when they were in the 500 block of Main and I am thrilled they will be back downtown on April1! Finally, the snail above the shelf is another fun piece from The Turquoise door.

My home is filled with stories and the longer we live the more we can thank these and other shops for helping us feel like we didn’t make the biggest mistake in our lives by moving here.