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We’ve lived in Wisconsin for six years. I could fill pages with what I miss about Hawaii, but it wouldn’t change anything. Mountains and oceans would not magically appear, there would not be an abundance of amazing Asian and Hawaiian food, and perfect mangoes, papaya, and lychee would not suddenly appear in my kitchen. So let’s talk about what I love and would miss [...]


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When I was nineteen I developed a massive goiter. They never did find out why this happened to me, but in my second semester of my freshman year of college, I spent a week at KU Medical Center and additional time at the local hospital in my hometown. On April Fool’s Day, which was also my mom’s birthday, my doctor removed over half of [...]

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Lately people have been asking when I will have another book signing. I decided to take off doing events through March because of Gary's two surgeries. The next one is February 16th. Then I ask what is the best way to buy the book and, for now, it really is through Amazon. I hope those who you who love dogs or who have friends [...]

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