Lately people have been asking when I will have another book signing. I decided to take off doing events through March because of Gary’s two surgeries. The next one is February 16th.

Then I ask what is the best way to buy the book and, for now, it really is through Amazon. I hope those who you who love dogs or who have friends who do will consider getting a copy. When you do, or if you already have it, the nicest thing to do it to review it.

Reviews help others find the book and it also helps Amazon to decide it’s worth promoting at a new level.

Here’s the direct review link where to post the review. Amazon requires a ranking and I’d love it if you wrote about the book. Why you liked it, how it made you feel, etc.

I am working in an April event with a foster-based rescue and a local business. Until then, thank you for your support and your reviews.